The Kurl Pro Story

KurlPro started based on an idea: that one cut, one product, or even one technique, does not fit all.For decades, curls have been treated as the ultimate challenge, with so many coils turned away from the chair for being “too difficult,” “too time-consuming,” and worst of all “too different.” 

We’re taking a step back from dehydrating products, chemical treatments, and damaging techniques, to bring natural hair to the forefront. We aim to celebrate and elevate curl care through our passion for education, with refined methodology and product neutrality, that consistently delivers successful results based on the client’s coil type, head shape, and curl journey.We are by bridging the gap between the client, professional, and product, and are committed to promoting the best care for the most challenging of hair, so that you too can ROCK IT.


To drive change and empowerment for natural hair,
both in the salon and at home.


KurlPro’s philosophy is simple: to embrace all hair. With this purpose in mind, our focus is to provide professional education, tools, and resources that celebrate the world of curls..

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We really are committed to you and to promoting the best in hair care for the most challenging clients we all face as we try to make everyone look their best. KurlPro is here for you and we thank you for your friendship.

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